I was contemplating my next topic and one that seems to always stand out is what inspires me. The beauty of that topic is that I am inspired by a multitude of things. Most of them are from my past, which I will delve into and share sometime next week. But, today I was inspired by something else— a random chance encounter with a complete stranger.

I’ve been learning, with time and age, how important it is to keep in tune with my surroundings and pay closer attention to those with whom I am interacting. Their attitudes, compassion and, most important, the personal stories they are willing to share fill me with ideas and a creative desire.

As I was having my hair cut this morning, the stylist and I were discussing my writing and the fact that I had written a thriller and am working on my next thriller.

“Speaking of thrillers,” she said. “You might get a kick out of this.”

She began telling me a very personal story of a time she had just divorced her husband, was a single mother and a con artist entered her life. Some thirteen years later, just three weeks ago, this person has tracked her down and re-entered her life, casting a dark shadow on her now peaceful existence. She told of how things ended thirteen years ago and how this person might be connected to her husband. I was FLOORED!

Armed with more details than I expected she would share with me, my creative juices flowed and I began to plan another book in my mind. Not sure I would be so open with someone I had just met, I wondered why she was sharing these details with me. I suppose the why isn’t really what matters. What matters is that she did, and she did so with an open heart.

Too often, we are all on the go, rarely slowing down enough to truly listen to the people around us. Sometimes we go out of our way so we don’t have to listen to people’s stories in fear of them burdening us with deep discussion or emotions. If we put forth a little more effort and allowed ourselves the opportunity to connect with the person sitting across the table, behind us in line or next to us on the couch, we might find the inspiration we need to take ourselves to the next level–whether it be in our writing or on a more personal level.

Inspiration is all around, waiting to be discovered. SO, DISCOVER IT!

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