In Part 1 last week, I mentioned inspiration from the past. My past holds the most precious moments which keep me writing, creating and working towards the future and all its possibilities. The following is something I wrote two weeks ago when I was in the moment…

Today I am writing from the most sacred of all places to me, the beach. The bellowing crash of the waves washes over me. I find myself overcome with a calmness of the past- a feeling I thought would last forever. As a child, Hawaii was my playground. My sister and I were beach bums, devouring every free moment with our love of the sea, the soft, delicate white sand, enveloped in the rocky black and vibrant green mountain ranges.

More often than not I would drift off atop my red boogie board with “Oahu” scribbled across the top left corner in purple. I lay there floating carelessly so far out to sea that I could never hear my mother calling out to me, telling me I needed to come in closer to shore. I can still feel the warmth of the salty ocean washing over my ears, my face and my chest, baptizing me in the freedom of my youth…of a better place and time.

I can vividly recall my often failed, but occasionally successful attempts at sand surfing at Bellows Beach. I still remember the electrifying excitement building up in my gut as my mother and I sat in awe while we watched my daredevil sister jump off a cliff into the glistening blue water.

Those years of my adolescence are and will forever remain my most cherished. Not only because of the trials I have been faced with since, but because those memories inspire me to my fullest potential. I am driven by that precious time with my sister–her enthralling beauty both inside and out, her effervescent love and whimsy. When I find the memory of her popping back into my mind, which is daily, it’s as though I am rediscovering a piece of myself I lost when she passed away. A zest for life which she tried to impart on me was lost when I lost her.

Now when I think of her and how bountifully she cared for others and lived her life, I feel a spark of it deep within my heart. Lately, I’ve been letting go of my cautions and attempting to live more unrestrained, taking life as it comes instead of fearing it.

This inspiration I find at the beach is what drives me to set goals for myself. It drives me to work my fingers to the bone, developing my skills as a writer. It drives me to make my dreams come true. It drives me to make a similar impact on others as she had on me through my writing. Isn’t that the whole point of writing? To strike a chord and touch people on a personal level?

When I find myself struggling and unsure of how to keep going, I jump in my Jeep, drive to the beach, dig my toes into the sand and remember.

Peering out into the curling and crashing waves, I’m inspired. The glimmering vastness of it all fills me with a swarm of not only possible stories, but also possibilities for the future. Happiness. Success. And maybe one day going home to Hawaii.

What inspires you?



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