Vin (not that one) Lombardi

I wanted to write a post as one of my characters as a way of further developing him. This is Vinnie Lombardi (not that one), best friend of protagonist, Mitch Perillo.

So, my best friend, my paisan, Mitch, tells me we gotta go to this party in Louisiana. Louisifuckinana! I’ve never been that far from New York before, mostly because my old school Italian mother would keel over and die if my foot ever stepped outta Queens when I was a little bambino. Italian mothers are swift to marry off their old maid daughters by the shriveled old age of 18 and keep their sons as close as they can for as long as possible. Eventually, they’ll let em go to start a family of their own, making their daughter-in-law’s life a veritable hell just for kicks.

I guess you could say our similar background is one of the things Mitch and I bonded over during our time at Harvard. It was the first time my ma let me outta state. She knew what she was doin’. The better off I was, the better off she’d be in her old age.

Anyways, this guy spends his twenties draggin’ me into all sorts of trouble. Prank wars in our dorm, academic probation, drunk and disorderly arrest our freshman year, his pathetic love life is more screwed up than he cares to admit. He’s been damn near friggin’ fired more times than I can count. I give him hell for it all, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Except for this trip to Louisiana. That was a nightmare from hell at the get-go. I guess we didn’t have much of a choice. Our jobs were at stake. If only Mitch knew when to sit back and let others do their jobs. He likes to say I’m the wild one, the one without inhibitions. But, really it’s him. Sometimes you just lose control of a situation and everything turns to a shit show. Only, this was a shit show of the macabre. So many secrets, deception, murder.

I just wish she hadn’t gotten hurt. Jo. Jo Landry. Whatta beauty…She didn’t deserve what happened. We only had one night together, but you’ll read more about that later…


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