The Musicality of it All

I’ve been delving deep into music lately. I find that there is so much inspiration to pull from it, not just in life but in matters of writing. I’ve always been an enthusiast of grunge rock, jazz, blues and Motown. But, this year I’ve expanded my horizons and embraced the punk rock genre!

I feel like it’s redefined my writing in a way. Through uncovering the short and simple, but fun and energizing Ramones to the deeply horrific and sickly humorous Misfits and The Cramps, my latest WIP transformed from murder mystery to southern gothic-horror-murder mystery. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If I’m in the shower, getting dressed or driving somewhere, it’s playing and I’m “jamming.”

Music even influenced my last book- my personal memoir, Always-Always. My mother, whether she intended to or not, made music a big part of my childhood. Her love for singing along to the Bodyguard soundtrack on car rides and Nat King Cole shaped some of my most precious memories as a young boy riding shot gun along deserted country roads and magnificent island beaches. Songs bring us back to those special moments in our lives, triggering emotions we may have lost in the daily shuffle.

Much like music, writing is a force to be utilized in the most inspiring of ways.

SHAMELESS PROMO: My memoir, Always-Always is available now on Kindle,Nook, paperback and hardcover!



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