Taylor Mills is the author of the 2018 suspense-thriller, Crossing the Bayou, the 2017 memoir, Always-Always and the 2012 thriller novella, Suspicions.

He is a graduate of the College of Charleston with a Bachelor’s in Communication. He spent his college years working on several film and television productions such as “Army Wives,” Barry Levinson’s “The Bay, and David Anspaugh’s “Little Red Wagon.”

Harbouring a love for dogs he has a 6 year old temperamental Chihuahua/ Jack Russell mix. Phoebe, as in Buffay, spends most of her time taking her anger out on the world. Taylor also has a one year old chocolate Lab, Kona, who loves everything and everyone.

His life long love of the written word has led Taylor down some amazing paths. The driving force behind his work is his desire to bring inspiration to others while sorting through past experiences and finding the beauty in each and every moment- good and bad.